An interaction designer, strategist, and creative lead at IDEO, I am on a mission to design for the public good. Whether it’s improving how public institutions serve their citizens, creating digital access to learning, or cultivating civic engagement, I am driven toward systems-level challenges with an optimism and obsession for figuring out how design can be used to more equitably serve people.



I lead design research grounded in community.

Doing thoughtful, human-centered design research from across the U.S. is possible, when you empower residents as researchers in their community.

I use design as a probe for conversation.

Prototypes are a useful entry point to vulnerable conversations. People can share personal stories through feedback directed at a sketch or image.


I translate learning into design, in an attempt to honor the people who inspire it.

My job is to meet people’s needs through a designed product. I take that job seriously by remembering how the people I meet inform design.